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West Valley Republicans ReBirth

Welcome to this inaugural post of the West Valley Republicans. It seems like forever ago when word was first received that the Republican Office in Sun City would be closed. And like a spark, those words lit a fire in the faithful that brough many patriots together in order to chart a new course in the west valley.

From that first meeting, the West Valley Republicans was formed and three months later, we have a political action committee with financial oversight and a board of directors to guide us in this new endeavor. As we move forward, we hope you will join with us through donations and volunteerism to ensure the success of the office.

While many have been involved with the office over the years, we hope you will find both familiarity and newness in the operations. The office will continue to be a home to support Republican efforts in the west valley and beyond and will coordinate, sponsor, and support a variety of events and activities.

Voter registration and education will be at the forefront of our efforts, as will supporting our Republican candidates. We invite you get involved however you can as many hands make light work. And make no mistake about it, with redistricting wrapping up, the 2022 election cycle readying to kick into high gear, the continued onslaught by the progressive left, and significant economic woes on the horizon, the burdens are heavy. However, like Captain John Paul Jones, we must hold to his immortal words to a request to surrender, “I have not yet begun to fight!”

Our country and our state are divided. We stand in peril and we must present a strong defense before it’s too late. The office must welcome and unite Republicans and Republican efforts. We must be a place of common ground yet not compromise the values set forth in our Declaration of Independence, our US Constitution, or our Arizona Constitution.

On behalf of the PAC and the board, I want to express a heart-felt thanks to everyone who has participated in the rebirthing process these past few months. Without each of you, your ideas, and your support, this effort could not have succeeded. I look forward to our ongoing efforts and to sharing in the many successes to come.


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Wonder how much of America First party's values coincides and reflects our group's values.

Check out:


Phone: 623-248-5175


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